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Carla Curlee is a renowned Psychic Tarot Reader who works with international clientele as well as celebrity.  Her mission is to help each person who comes to her to find truth and answers that are truly helpful to making more informed choices in life and daily living.  She feels strongly about empowering all people using Spirit led messages which present the available options and viewpoint they might not otherwise be able to see. Being in the middle of drama and emotion can block us from seeing things from a point of logic and reason. Meanwhile through use of her cards and other psychic gifts Carla is able to gather information regarding how others feel, what their motives might be, their true character and more.  She is also known for predicting accurate time frames and significant dates and events to come.  Carla uses life coaching skills and the law of attraction along with her psychic gifts to give you an amazing fulfilling session full of suggestions and guidance coming from the Guides who she refers to as “Spirit”.  Of course we each must live our own lives and make our own choices but Carla strives always to present information that comes through the lens of Spirit for those seeking direction on their path!  This is where Carla shines as Spirit works with and through her to help everyone seeking answers and guidance!


The information Carla receives through her cards is uncanny in it’s accuracy!  Through her skill she is able to DETERMINE TIME FRAMES as well as the intent of those you may want to know more about!  She has a compassion and kindness that comes from genuinely caring and sincerity.  

Find the Truth

You will relax with her guided breath meditation allowing the energy to flow more freely (which is important when working online and not face to face) enabling the querent  to more easily and readily receive the flow of information.  Interaction is encouraged so if you have specific questions  feel free to ask and interact with her throughout your session experience!

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Contact Carla today to speak in live chat or to schedule your reading session now!  Be prepared to receive honest, authentic and highly accurate information from Spirit!  Its an amazing experience that you won’t want to miss!

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About Carla

Carla connects with Spirit through use of her own intuitive abilities and her trusted tarot decks which are how Spirit Speaks to her through using her cards.  She discovered how her tarot cards work as a sort of  language created by images and vibration which allow her to communicate with Spirit Guides who come through in order to help you get the answers and direction you need!
Carla SPECIALIZE IN DATES AND TIME FRAMES and can easily discern another person’s character and intent when you are uncertain about their motives or how they are to fit into your life now and in the future. Predictions are a large part of her capabilities and while no one is always 100% right she has a high percentage rate for accuracy through the years. Carla is passionate about this work and and is dedicated to helping people from all walks of life to be able to experience one of the most authentic psychic tarot readings to be found on the Internet! 

Feedback From My Clients

Carla was an excellent reader. My questions were difficult and odd, still she went out of her way to give me good service.

Macky Mac

Prediction of contact came to pass but definitely worth the money she has given me a great advise for I will follow

Franco Moriti
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