Learn to Read Tarot The Easy Way!

You may not be aware but, there is a little-known method for learning to read Tarot that I refer to as “the easy way”! Pretty much anyone can learn to read tarot cards clearly and with accuracy! Reading the Tarot is somewhat of a mystery to most people just starting out.  Still others will give up and feel the art is lost on them.  I found this to be the case with myself when I was learning back in the day.  I was so confused and impatient and had no real desire to learn the history of the tarot, to read about the Kabballah and to try to understand all the intricacies involved in this ancient art. There are those who enjoy that path but it’s not for everyone.

However, I have exciting news and a great offer to those who have the desire to learn without all the confusion and time comsuming and sometimes tedious studies.  You can even use this skill to earn an income if you have a natural talent.  But even without awareness of our natural ability, anyone can learn it as a hobby and we all can get better with practice!

Let me share with you a bit of my own history as a psychic reader.  Some 30 years ago I was introduced to an amazing woman who became a mentor to me.  Her name is Carla Flack and she authored a book entitled “Tarot, the Halo Method” (which is easily found on Amazon).  Meeting Carla was a turning point in my life and such a blessing! She introduced me to her book and proceeded to train me to read the Tarot based on her devised method. This method is rarely known even today but is the most accurate and effective method I could have ever dreamed of learning.

I immediately adapted to it and became so proficient that by now, I could not begin to read any other way nor would I want to!  This spread allows me to glean so much information including time frames for events and circumstances to play out.  It makes it easy to identify specific people as well since, there is one card in the deck assigned to each of the 12 sunsigns and depending on how these cards fall and what other cards are positioned with them you can discern specific people as well as their character and intent towards the querent  or others who might be in question. The Halo Method takes the mystery out of the cards.  You will be asked to sort of ‘throw out’ all the history related to the Tarot.

Studying the history of Tarot is a wonderful thing to embark on for those who are interested but it’s not necessary in order to be successful in using the cards for divination purposes or to gather spiritual information needed to make the best choices on one’s life path!  In fact, I have taught it to people as young as 16 (my daughter). Ive taught it to the novice as well as seasoned readers.  It does require setting aside all you know about traditional tarot and opening up to new ideas.

Most every card has only one simple definition as opposed to many definitions assigned to cards in more traditional spreads.  All cards are read upright making it even simpler for memorizing meanings.  The cards are read in what is referred to as ‘stacks’.  In the revised method (the original used 48 cards in the initial spread!) I use 24 cards in the spread to begin with which means laying out six stacks with four cards in each stack.  (Don’t let the sound of that intimidate you! It’s actually fun and will make sense when you see the cards laid out for you). These ‘stacks’ can be seen as ‘sentences’ when the meanings of each of the four cards in a stack are combined.  Additional cards can be added as the intuition directs us to.  Sometimes two cards that fall together will have a specific meaning.  These are called ‘card combinations’.  As we practice we quickly learn what combinations to look for and also what Zodiac Sunsign cards to notice which is why it is good to ask the querent what their date of birth is so that we can then identify a person using their sunsign when reviewing the cards in a given layout/spread.

I cannot express just how fulfilling and fun learning this method has been for me.  Clients who have taken my class are excited to use it.  Once a class is completed I am available for live chat by appointment (free of charge!) as a part of the course.  This way personal questions can be answered and practice reading sessions can be scheduled.  For quite some time I have a taught the course here online in private chat sessions where all the information including meanings, zodiac sunsign characteristics listed, combination cards, how to divine messages through interpreting the language of Spirit through the cards, how to read the intent and/or character and ‘heart’ of another person, to glean potential outcomes, end results and the overall energy of any given reading.

Being someone who has been attracted to Spirit and to the occult most of my life I have always been an intuitive person.  Most of us are!  We don’t always know it but underneath our “Ego selves”, the “Spirit Self” exists and is always there waiting for us to tune in to It.  The more we become aware of this truth and the more we practice using the cards, the more we can hone our natural gifts that I believe are inherent in all of us.  For me, using the Tarot was the most attractive way to hone my psychic ability and increase my spiritual awareness.  To this day I choose to continue to use the cards as a guide.  I’m aware that once I go into ‘focus’ and connect with my Higher Self through using the cards, most often information just begins to flow naturally.  It never ceases to amaze me even after all these years just how magickal this process is! Spirit is there waiting and ready to communicate through our consciousness if we are willing to take the time and a little effort to let it happen.  It is my belief that if I can do it … anyone can!  Yes, some will be b

etter than others! But, with commitment to practice and allowing the mind to relax, through trusting that our Higher Self is real and ready to communicate truly anyone who has the desire can learn well enough to make a difference in our individual lives.  The Halo Method makes it EASY AND FUN and is the quickest ‘way’ to learn that I have found and every person I have taught will agree!  I don’t think we ever stop learning of course.  But this is a skill that can be used to further you on your own path, help others to find direction and to even make a good living in an ethical way.  I am so grateful that this is my path!

Ive been using this particular method for over 25 years professionally and am happy to direct those who take my course to the best websites for contracting as a professional psychic reader so that you can begin your journey in helping others through doing psychic tarot readings! There are many avenues for earning a living once you are confident enough to pursue it as a career or part-time employment.  However,  I will also be very upfront with anyone who I feel may not be tuned in enough to pursue this as a career path or even part-time professionally speaking.  Honesty is a must when reading for any other person and of course, accuracy is expected.  This means practice practice practice.  It may take one a year or more to feel confident enough to do this for money and in other cases, someone could be ready within a few short months but this is not something you can learn in a week then go off giving spiritual advice and psychic readings professionally.  Everything worth doing takes time and commitment.  I can honestly say I have no regrets and do love my work!  Even after all these years, I am still passionate about helping other people using my trusty tarot and I’d be honored to teach you as well!

Order the new automated version of the class here and for a limited time get one on one consultation free of charge after the course is completed!  I use Skype or FB Messenger for live chat.