The Most Powerful Tool Used For Creating Your Intentions to Manifest!
I’m excited to share an amazing GAME/TOOL for manifesting anything you desire and intend for your self/life.  I call this exercise, INTENTION WRITING. It’s the single most powerful tool that I have ever used to date for getting my focus and intention clear and precise. Using this tool adds unbelievable POWER to what we are intending to create and it will create momentum as well.
Writing about our intentions is not writing in a journal. It is not writing our thoughts as they come into our heads; not randomly anyway! Intention writing is controlled writing done ON PURPOSE using all positive words, positive thought forms, and sentences.
Words are powerful!  Each word carries a vibration. Vibration is important because it’s our vibrations that are ‘sent out’ to the Universe, heard by Divinity and responded to with ‘like’ vibration. So, we have to be willing to take responsibility for the words we use. Words such as need, want, do not have, etc., denote “lack” and have negative or lower light vibrations. As you become aware of the power of the vibrations within each word used, you can then begin making a conscious effort to use positively powerful words, switching to higher vibrational words and phrases! Rather than use words such as “I need to find happiness in my life” you might write, “I am now finding happiness within and externally in my experiences every day so that I am feeling happy more and more!”                                  Start sentences with “I AM”, ” I have” “This is” “It is” “We are”.

Pay attention to what you write and take your time to be as positive as possible. This is where you will add VIVID DETAIL to your intentions and desires.
You can focus on one intention or in all areas that you feel require moving energy higher.  Using the Intention Writing ‘game’ you would begin by addressing who I will call your “Spirit Partners”.  This allows all parts of your being, (internal and external) including your higher self, subconscious mind and even your heart and your Spirit guides  to listen and respond to your communication created through this writing exercise, so make sure to address them on paper by beginning each entry with: Dear Heart, Cells, Guides, Higherself, Universe, Subconscious Mind and the Magical Magnetic Grid; To my Partners– Addressing these ‘parts’ of your SELF calls to attention these partners you are petitioning.  As well, writing in this way allows your subconscious mind to begin to believe “it is so”.  And since our outer reality is a reflection of what we believe in the subconscious mind (our inner reality) it is vital to communicate with the subconscious mind/inner self.  This writing game does the trick!
It is equally important to take the time and effort to read out loud what you write in your Intention Writing back to yourself.  Once you have completed your daily entry it is effective to go back to the beginning and read everything you’ve written and do so out loud and with feeling.  Yes, add feeling to the words you are reading! Express using your voice how excited you are to know that all you are writing is happening and with ease!  Allow yourself to believe in the words, showing passion in your expression.  Take your time.  Absorb what you are writing/reading out loud. Once you have completed it turn the page or close your notebook.  Do this daily and consistently so!
Some people are very focused on one intention or one area of their life that they want to see manifest.  Still others may want to address the different areas of their life they want to improve, expand on or change for the better. This might take up to one side of one piece of notebook paper or both sides at the most, depending on how detailed your expressed desire is. The most I have ever written is four pages of notebook paper front and back. I would say that is a lot! I am someone who loves to write and so it’s easy for me to get  “caught up” in my writing, creating a flow of positive energy throughout the time it takes to complete the exercise. It’s one of the reasons manifesting is so successful for me! My focus is strengthened when doing Intention Writing daily. Normally, I tend to write two pages front and back and possibly an extra page front side only for the length of my Intention Writing. It somewhat depends on my mood, what is happening in my day or life etc.  but even if I only write for ten min as long as I focus on positive thoughts, releasing the negative and creating what I desire and intend its well worth my effort and will be the case for you too!
Intention Writing is like journaling with purpose and in the present tense.  It’s about putting all your desires and intentions for your inner and outer world, including spiritual, emotional and physical experiences on to paper increasing the probability of it manifesting into your physical experience.
Each day, every day I start my morning with  Intention Writing. Mornings work best for me since it helps to focus my day. I can begin my day with the awareness of all that I just created within my intention writing and it always feels great. Even when there is drama and stress in my day things tend to run smoother and easier and lower light energy moves higher, faster because I have just that morning intended it on purpose.
Not everyone feels they have the time in the morning and most have a harder time getting up an hour earlier or thirty minutes earlier in order to complete their Intention Writing. It doesn’t matter when you choose to do it. What matters is that you do it and that you do it every day preferably the same time each day but at least every day. Whether it is before bed, morning or afternoon, choose a time that will work consistently for you. If you have to Make/Create the time then, do so. Just make a commitment to it for at least 30 days, write down your ‘intentions’ for yourself using the tools and rules for this writing game.  It’s fine if it’s basically the same content every day.  Repetition is key so repeating the same thing is perfect!
Can’t find the time?  Begin by INTENDING YOU HAVE TIME for this most powerful writing game. MAKING time is crucial because this is one of the single most important things you can do in order to create the intentions/ life changes you want. So, you may want to include in your Intention Writing this statement, “I have time every day to do this writing and I am following through automatically with ease. I love doing this and see results in powerful ways!”
If there is a day that you don’t have time in the morning but find you have time in the evening, by all means, don’t wait until the next day. If you find yourself skipping days, notice how your energy will drop and usually quite obviously so. You will find yourself saying, “Wow that writing really does make a difference and I have to get back to it.” And so you get back to it and things begin moving again.
Using Intention Writing repeatedly is very important since it is in the repetition that we “reach” our inner self and our spirit partners. This accomplishes true change and transformation in our belief patterns and belief systems.
Changing our belief system at the core (changing where we have been taught backward.. at the core cellular level) is what we are after and in doing this we have just raised higher in our skill in manifesting our desires to come to us in our physical experience. What we believe is what IS so in our experience. What we say/think repeatedly is what we come to believe.. if not consciously we still believe it down deep.
Using Intention Writing will truly begin to shift our subconscious beliefs from ‘lower vibrations’ and “lack energy” to  “higher vibrations” which include beliefs that match our intentions and our ability to achieve our desires in realistic tangible ways. There are other great writing tools used for manifesting our intentions but the Intention Writing Game has proven to be tried and true!  I hope you will give it a try!